Senior Portrait Sessions

My sessions are meant to be an experience that is fun and enjoyable. I want to create art for you to display throughout your house. I want my images to show who you are and what you are into. So bring a few different outfits that reflect the person you are. No outfit limits although I offer recommendations for each session, it’s your time, change as much as you’d like. No need for a shirt and tie or fancy dress if you don’t wear those regularly. Are you into sports or on your high school band? Bring those things too and we can incorporate them into the shoot.

I currently work with a stylist, Stephanie McLaughlin, for $100 she will meet with you, go over clothing style choices, and find out what best suits your needs… And if you want you can take her shopping with you! Please let me know ahead of time if you are interested in Stephanie's services.

Seniors want something unique. They don’t want what their friends got and they don’t want to be posed like their friends were posed. All of my senior photography sessions are on location around Pittsburgh and Hopewell, as well as in my studio. I have a highly advanced background system and I am currently the only one in western Pennsylvania that owns one. I offer multiple backgrounds that can be changed in a matter of seconds, no more obsolete backgrounds

I spend extra time and attention on capturing you for you. Everybody’s different. Some like natural, relaxed portraits. Others are more fashion-inspired. Let me capture your personality and your style mixed with my creativity.

Within 1-2 weeks following your session, you will receive a password to access your online proof gallery via the gallery section of this website. Your online proof gallery will be accessible for 2 weeks from the date you receive your password. 




Here are some examples of clothing ideas to help get you started and to give you some ideas!