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Wednesday May 20, 2015


Well last night we arrived in Lisbon, and that is pretty much all that has happened. So this morning we got our tour Lisbon.


The hotel we are staying at this time is more located in the business section of Lisbon, therefore there isn’t that much to do or to see. We stopped at few places that offered us a great view, but other than that, that was it.

After our little guided tour we headed back to our hotel to read for our afternoon media visit.


This afternoon we had three people come to talk to us about the Spanish media, the up and coming generation and the relationship between the United States and Portugal. It was interesting to hear how the one lady, Lara talked about show she studied in the United States, then moved to Portugal to work. Portugal is a growing city that is on the rise with the new generation. Which is great to hear considering the financial crisis they have recently went through.


Our last media visit finished around 6pm, so we headed back to the hotel to have the rest of the night to do as we please. Ashley, Anthony and I decided we wanted to find a local restaurant to eat. But remember how I said we are in the business area of Lisbon, this area is practically dead after 7pm! Our tour guide also had minimal information for us on places to eat at. So with that at hand, we ventured into the city, on foot to find something to eat. After about a half hour of walk, and passing about a dozen restaurants that were already closed, we came across this cute little restaurant. So we go in and sit down, this is a little two part restaurant, one section is for those getting coffee and pastries and the other is the dinner section. So we went to the dinner section, we were the only ones in that section, everyone else was having their coffee and pastries. I guess, just like in Spain, here in Portugal they eat late dinners as well. We might as well have signs around our neck that says tourist haha.

But we didn’t care we just wanted some food. I ordered this shrimp and crab risotto, it was so good, plus there was a lot there! I couldn’t eat it all, so I shared it with Ash and Anthony who helped me finish it. I must say that we all enjoyed our meals and left with full stomachs!

Tomorrow is a bitter sweet moment because it is our last day of media visits! I have learned a lot but definitely looking forward to the time I have on my own to explore the city! 



Hasta la proxima!!




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