Two wins, one day

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Sunday May 17, 2015


Lets just say I slept till about noon today, and I enjoyed every minute of it!
So remember how I told you yesterday that I dropped my sunglasses on the tracks, well today I needed to go get new ones. So Ash and I and this kid named Anthony ( one of the two guys on this trip ). Throughout the trip it has pretty much been us three hanging out together, plus it helps Ash and I out so we are not just two girls walking the streets. So we took to the streets of Barcelona and headed out to grab some lunch.

Following lunch I needed to look for sunglasses, so we stopped at this pharmacy and I found a pair that I liked. As the lady was helping we began talking and found out that she was in New York a few years, in addition to that we found out that her family had a bakery in Pennsylvania and her sister worked there. What a small world we live in!

As we were walking back to the hotel, I just happened to glance to my left and I see this big building with the words Sophie Calle. I looked at Ash and Anthony and told them we needed to check it out. Turns out it was an exhibition of some of her work.


For those of you that don’t know Sophie Calle is a French conceptual artist. Since the late 1970’s she has been active as a photographer, combining text, image and conceptual installations. Her work amounts to a systematic laying bare of reality, whether it be her own or other people's, with a limited portion left to chance. Absence of others is a central theme in her work. However Calle’s own existence plays an important role in her works. The documentary manner in which she presents her work suggests a high degree of factualness. Calle grapples with modes of perception and identification by portraying life in all its diversity, handing over all the problems and questions to the viewer – and thereby, closing the loop, back to life itself – to find the answers. Her works are distinguished by the directness of her formal approach, her narrative skill, the conceptual enrichment they undergo over the course of their creation, and their power to draw in the observer with all his or her abilities and experiences. The uncertainty expressed in her works is what makes them so compelling.

Before we knew it, an hour or so had passed by while we were at the exhibit. We headed out and back into the busy streets of Barcelona to our hotel. 

Later that around 7:00pm there was a futbol game between FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid and of course we needed to find a spot to watch the game. We weren’t just going to sit in our rooms like losers. So we headed to the bar right across from the hotel and took seats to watch the game. FC Barcelona needed to win this game to win the league, so needless to say everyone was hyped for this game. We sat down and ordered a few drinks as well as some food. The game was close the whole time, staying 0-0 until Messi ( who is undoubtably the best futbol player ) scored for FC Barcelona to make it 1-0. The bar went crazy and everyone went crazy, it was truly something to see. 


After the game we headed back to our hotel to unwind and go to bed.

Tomorrow is the day I have been looking forward to, Camp Nou, the stadium where FC Barcelona plays.


Hasta la proxima!!




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