Travel day!

May 12, 2015  •  1 Comment

Holy cow!! The day is finally here! I must be honest though, it doesn’t feel like today is the day I am leaving for Spain. I guess it just hasn’t hit me yet, but I am sure it will. 
Let me back up just a tad bit, yesterday, Sunday, I spent the day with people who are family to me. My parents and I went to church Sunday morning like we always do, after church was over we all headed to my boyfriends parents place for a Mother’s Day brunch. It was such a relaxing afternoon just sitting around the table just talking and eating. Later that evening Chris and I went to do Painting with a Twist, it is such a fun experience and we came out with a great painting as well! It was a nice stress reliever before this big trip! After he dropped me off back at my place and before he left he had a little gift, something that would remind me everyday of him while I was on my trip. When Chris was younger he received a necklace pendant of Saint Christopher, he later got another one but held onto the one he had from his childhood. That was his gift me, it touched my heart, and I will admit, it made me cry. And as I am sitting here on this plane writing this post, I occasionally grasp it and rub it between my fingers, knowing that he is right here with me, right by my heart. 
Earlier that day, after we got home from brunch it was just my mom and I at home. I was lying on my bed watching tv and my mom comes in. With her she has two objects in her hand, one is a guardian angel stone and one is a guardian angel pin. It warmed my heart when she gave them to and they now sit in my wallet, going everywhere I go. It is a comfort knowing I have these sentimental pieces with me. 

So back to todays fun events, we get to the airport and get checked in and everything and head to our gate. As the time nears for us to board our flight we learned that it has been delayed about an hour, so now instead of departing at 1:15 we were now departing around 2:45. But hey, that’s okay because it cuts down on the waiting time in the Philadelphia airport. So we finally board the plane, and boy is it a small plane, it is one of U.S. Airs express planes, which are super tiny. They are so tiny that if you had a big piece of carryon luggage that needed to be stored above, it was now transported to underneath the plane. The flight itself was short, only about 45 minutes in the air. Quick and easy. After we landed in Philly, got to our gate and got settled, Ash and I went to grab something to eat. We ate and sat at a charging station to charge our phones and before we knew it it was time to board again. This is where my nerves start to kick in, it is getting real now. I am going to be on this plane for about 8 hours, its nerve racking to think about. We board the plane and get settled in, Ash and I are completely separated, all we wanted was to be next to each other to survive this flight together. Needless to say we weren’t to happy. Our unhappiness turned to having to patience when we were stuck on the runway for over an hour, that is how backed up Philly got. Our flight was suppose to depart at 6:45pm we finally departed around 7:45. 
I must say for the first two hours, the flight has been really smooth and makes the flight that much easier, so here is to hoping it stays this way! It is about 10:00 pm right now (U.S. time) and I have about 20 minutes left of my movie. I think once this finishes up I will prepare myself to try to catch some sleep, not exactly sure how well this is going to work but something is better than nothing. One thing is for sure, my butt is starting to get uncomfortable for sitting so much. 

Continue to pray for all of us, and by the time this email gets out,  I will have landed (would have been sent in flight but no wifi :( )

Let the adventures begin!

Hasta la proxima!!

(Until next time!!)



Glad to hear all is well. Nice blog. I'm not on my home PC much, but was trying to order a Pittsburgh Pirate jersey for Nick and Jake and was pleasantly surprised to see your message. So far, so good. Take care and have a great time.
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