The city that never sleeps

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Thursday May 14, 2015
I am starting to think that the people of Spain never sleep! We hear them at all hours through the streets, talking and screaming. Even real early in the morning we hear them. Our days start early, so we can get to our media visits on time and today we were leaving at 9:00am to Ketchum Spain.  
Ketchum Spain is known for promoting brands, they are the leading public relations company. One of the brands we learned about is Rochas Paris, a perfume line for women. They promote it as a top french luxury. The team members working on this promotion strived to reach peoples emotions and originality. 
It was very interesting hearing about the different products Ketchum promoted and how they went about promoting them. It is an in depth process that requires time and productivity. Some of the ways Ketchum has worked to promote products was to hold public events to get the community involved and from that they were able to gain a positive response and to help the company grow even greater. 
After sitting through about six case study presentations at Ketchum, we headed back to the hotel for about three hours to ourselves. After only getting about five hours of sleep that night it was fair to say I was going to use that time to take nap. So we got back to our hotel and Ash and I ran to a little 24 hour mart to pick up sandwiches to eat for lunch. Let me tell you, this is just the cutest little place and everyone who works there is always friendly. They are patient with us for our lack of Spanish we know. Plus, they have these delicious fresh juiced smoothies, I would get one every time I went in! I have noticed that most of their food is very fresh, from sandwiches to these fresh juice smoothies. It makes my tummy very happy.
After I was full, it was time for a nap, Ash and I took a solid hour nap that afternoon. It helped us to get through the media visit we had for that afternoon. 
Our second media visit for that day was to Havas Media Group. the Havas Media Group is all about building brands that have meaning to its consumers. There was a recent study that was done in 2014 that showed that 74% of people would not care if brands disappeared, and those at Havas are trying to change that. In the Unites States only 7% of Americans trust what brands are telling them. The Havas Media Group wants to transform the industry and shape the future, inspired by human purpose, to improve peoples lives and building public relations that last. 
These past few days the temperature has been about 90 degrees, and after going to these different media groups and talking people, they all have said this isn’t normal. Spain right now is going through a heat wave and we are right in the middle of it. The nice thing is that it is a dry heat, the humidity has not gotten above 25%, which makes the heat bearable. 
So finally after sitting basically all day I was itching to get my legs moving again. Madrid is such a pretty city to walk through. I love seeing little kids in a circle kicking a soccer ball around, that immediately puts a smile on my face. I was pretty hungry when it came time to get dinner, Ash and I debated back and forth where we wanted to go. We weren’t sure if we wanted to go to a bar and get tapas and a drink or a nicer restaurant and a meal. We made our decision as we walked through the streets of Madrid and came across this cute little restaurant called Dehesa Santa Maria. We sat outside at this little table under an umbrella and our waiter brought us our menu, to start off we ordered a tapas of jamon y queso, which is cured ham and melted cheese and a classic mojito for each of us. For dinner I ordered a pork filet with roasted jalapeños peppers and caramelized onions with potatoes as a side and Ash got a potato pie with pork shoulder. That was by far the best meal we have had for awhile in Madrid, for once I wasn’t getting mass produced food for our whole group or eating sandwiches out of a plastic container. I was eating what I wanted to eat and I loved every minute of it. It was nice just sitting down to relax, Ash and I talked about everything and anything and we were probably at the restaurant for two hours. After dinner we came back to our room and just relaxed for the rest of the night. 
Here are some more things I have noticed about the people of Spain and Spain itself 
o    If you are married, your wedding band goes on your right hand
o    Spain is in this phase of double daylight, I do not know know all of the details but long ago Spain pushed their clocks back an hour to have more sunlight during the day. Well for some reason they did it again, so they basically have two hours of daylight savings time. Which means that it doesn’t even start to get dark until about 9:00pm. 
o    People are always on mope-heads, so many people drive them around town
o    Their stop signs, they are just like our stop signs, they say stop on them. I would have thought it would have said stop in Spanish
I apologize in the delay in getting my blog posts out, the wifi in this hotel is terrible and nothing will upload or post. Hopefully when we go to Barcelona the wifi will be stronger and I can update you guys almost everyday.
Hasta la Proxima!


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