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Thursday May 21, 2015


Today is our last day of media visits!!


Our first stop was to RTP. RTP is Portugal's public service broadcasting organization. It operates four terrestrial television channels and three national radio channels, as well as several satellite and cable offerings. They focus on radio and television.

RTP has many radio stations such as:

RDP Antena 1, news, talk and sports station with a strong focus on Portuguese music

RDP Antena 2, cultural programming, classical and world music, featuring live performances

RDP Antena 3, an up-tempo, youth-oriented station with focus on contemporary and alternative music

RDP Internacional, the international radio service

Their international radio service can also be heard in Massachusetts, a popular area for those who speak Portuguese.

After our time at RTP and a tour of the facility we headed to a little shopping plaza for a quick lunch before we headed off to our last media visit.


Our last visit was with the Global Media Group. The Global Media Group is a Portuguese media holding company. They are one of the largest media groups in Portugal, marking presence in the fields of press, radio and Internet.

One of their newspapers is Diário de Noticias and in English that translates to Daily News.  The Daily News is a generalist daily newspaper, complete, comprehensive and reliable. The Daily News wants to uphold certain standards such as judicious journalism, true information based on reliable journalistic investigation and reporting of vivid stories of the world. Also this is a newspaper in the history of the country and society that guarantees, a public service excellence and precision.


This was probably one of my top three favorite lectures I listened to this whole trip.

We finished up pretty early from our media visits today, so we got back to our hotel around 5:00 pm. The rest of the night was ours to do as we pleased. We had the option after our last media to have the bus drop us off at an area to go shopping, but the only thing was is that we had to find our own way back and we were not about to do that. So Ash, Anthony and I headed back to the hotel to decide what we wanted to do for the rest of the night. We finally decided that we were going to head up the rooftop pool and spend a few hours up there.


What an amazing sight from a rooftop and a whole new experience for me! There weren’t to many people at the pool, on the roof it was pretty windy so we stayed covered up. We found three lounge chairs and took our seats. After a day of media visits it felt so good to just kick back and relax. We went over to the bar and ordered a few drinks while we were up there and just chatted.

Around 6pm we headed back to our rooms so we could get ready for dinner. Again the three of us went out to dinner and wanted to find a nice Portuguese restaurant. Our tour guide for Lisbon seemed to lack the knowledge of the area, so trying to ask her where to eat usually didn’t help us out at all. So we went to the front to see what they could tell us, they showed us a restaurant that was only about a 5 minute walk from the hotel. That was easy enough for us! We arrived at the restaurant and we were greeted by a friendly waiter who showed us to our table.


We decided for an appetizer of shrimp sautéed in butter and it came out looking wonderful. We all divided the shrimp up and ate every last bit of it. The shrimp were tender and perfect. For dinner I got a sea bass, head bones and all. It was the best tasting fish I have ever eaten. It was such a different experience eating a whole fish right from the bones! For dessert we each split a cinnamon crepe with ice cream in the middle. That also was to die for. The ice cream took it to a whole new level.

All of the food I have eaten on this trip has been spectacular and a huge highlight of this trip!


Hasta la proxima!!




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