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Wednesday May 13, 2015
I must say that when I got back to my room for the night on Tuesday, it didn’t take me long to fall asleep. Luckily I brought my own small pillow because these ones they provide are super thin and are like bricks. Hopefully the next hotel has better pillows. Oh, and have you ever been in a european bathroom, their showers, they don’t have curtains, they just have a half piece of glass. At first I tried pulling it, thinking it like slid out… nope I was wrong, you should have seen the look on my face!! Very interesting to say the least. All in all I didn’t sleep to bad, woke up a few times, the time difference is still throwing me off. It is so hard to believe that when it is 12 pm here most of guys are still sleeping because it is 6 am there. It is crazy, I don’t think that will be something I can get use to.
Trying to get going the first morning was rough, I didn’t want to move from my bed, but I had to get my butt moving if I wanted to eat breakfast and make it to check in on time. So I got up and got a shower so I could curl my hair. I got ready and everything and I went to use the hairdryer and it just heated up, but no air came out… so I immediately put that back in its place. I knocked on the room next to ours to see if I could use their hairdryer (don’t worry, it was girls from Point Park haha) and I have never seen a hairdryer like the one they had! It was incredible, it was almost like a vacuum, except it blew air out. It was this big box on the wall and had a hose coming from the side of it, and the hot air came out of the hose! It was the weirdest thing! So I made due with what I was given.
The day started out by heading to the University of Navarra, located right in Madrid. It is Spain’s fashion business school and very well known. When we arrived we met with Professor Gustavo Garcia- Mansilla, a man that has a wife and three kids, one boy and two girls. He has a hobby of playing instruments, anything from the guitar to the drums to a harmonica. Professor was also the Vice President of Conde Nast. We would be visiting Conde Nast later in the day. Professor talked about how Spain went into a depression for 2+ years because of the Lehman brothers and their actions. Spain is now recovering from that depression and they have been growing steadily every since.
Now to the main event, the visit I have been waiting for… drum roll please…. Welcome to Conde Nast! Conde Nast creates some of the worlds best known magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair and Glamour. It is a life style magazine and Conde Nast pretty much created the genre of a life style magazine. It was founded by the Newhouse family in 1905. Conde Nast is located in the best spot in the city, right in the heart of Madrid.
While at Conde Nast we had multiple journalists and editors come and talk to us. By far my favorite was a women name Beatriz Palomo and she worked in the photography department, now she wasn’t a photographer, but she is a researcher. Beatriz looks and searches through photographs to help build the storyboard and concept for their next main image. Beatriz is such a key person in helping to make the different magazines a success.
There are times where the magazines do an article on an individual that may have passed away, Beatriz goes and searches for pictures of that individual. It is not an easy task, most of the time she needs to contact the originals photographer directly to see if she can get any images that the photographer has taken. It is a great day when she is able to receive the  photos and sometimes she gets more than she expected, but that is never a bad thing! As she was finishing up she presented us with a book and it was Vanity Fair 100 Years Masters of Photography. Let me tell you, my eyes have not left that book. Our one tour guide, Jan, she gave me the book to transport back home, and I am in my glory! The book will be given to our library and put in our photography section! How cool is that!!
Finally after a long day of media visits we headed back to the hotel. Earlier that day we were talking about where we wanted to go to dinner and we found out that there was a futbol game that night. So we decided why not go to a bar and watch the game. Futbol is the number one game over here! So we got back to our room and changed and headed to the market to eat, the market has an assortment of all foods, so we got some tapas to fill our stomachs before heading out to watch the game. But there was one thing I needed to do first, I am in Spain, and I did play soccer and there is one player I adore… Cristiano Ronaldo, so of course I had to get his jersey while I was here hahah.  After getting his jersey we then headed to bar to watch the game. I must say it was a new experience, the Spaniards really get into into their game!  
Over these past few days I have noticed some things that have been striking to me
o    People walk their dogs everywhere in the city, and about 20% of those dogs aren’t leashed and walk right beside their owner.
o    Green neon crosses outside of a building means that it is a pharmacy 
o    They accommodate for americans, we went to a restaurant and they realized we weren’t Spanish speaking and they came back and gave us menus in english! A whole menu, in english!
o    Everyone smokes, my lungs are going to be shot after this trip. I have walked through so many clouds of smoke.
I am exhausted, it is so hard to catch up on sleep and we are taking naps every chance we get hahah 

Hasta la proxima!!



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