Bend it like Messi in Barcelona

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Monday May 18, 2015


This is the day I have been waiting for, I woke up with pure excitement running through me. All I want to do is get to the stadium!


Yet again this morning as we leave our hotel we have to fight a crowd of people just to get a bus. Let me tell you, I am getting tired of walking through all these people.


But first before we could get to the stadium we had to stop at TV3, a network who has channels like ABC. TV3 is the primary television channel of Catalan public broadcaster Televisió de Catalunya. TV3 was the first television channel to broadcast only in Catalan. Daily news information is served by Telenotícies, which usually gets the highest ranking in both timeslots, and the Telenotícies comarques, which simulcasts four versions, one for each of the four provinces of Catalonia. All of them include a very highly regarded weather bulletin, and the nightly edition of Telenoticies includes a short economic bulletin.


We were able to take a walk to the different buildings that TV3 has. While there we were able to go onto the set of a live broadcast and watch the hosts interact with each other. Let me just it was pretty neat to see. I guess in a way that it’s not what I expected, I mean I saw the camera crew but I guess I just expected it to be more hectic than it was. As we finished up I looked down at my watch and realized that we were about 45 minutes past the time we were actually supposed to leave. I wasn’t very happy because this was cutting into my tour of Camp Nou. 

Camp Nou is a football stadium in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, which has been the home of Futbol Club Barcelona since 1957. It has a seating capacity of 99,354, it is the largest stadium in Spain by capacity. It is also the largest stadium in Europe and the 2nd largest association football stadium in the world in terms of capacity. Although it was originally going to go under the official name of ‘Estadi del FC Barcelona’, it soon came to be popularly known as the Camp Nou or the new ground.

The Ricard Maxenchs pressroom at the Camp Nou is a large space where the media can attend press conferences. The area is designed like an auditorium and is located right alongside the mixed zone and the dressing rooms.

Wait till you see this dressing room, now it is not the home team’s dressing room, it is just the visitors, but it is still spectacular.  The players changing area includes the place where the players get kitted up, with each of their lockers, while the rest of the area contains baths and showers and a storeroom for sports materials. The water area includes a pool, two jacuzzis, a sauna, a steam bath, a cold bath and a relaxation area. The treatment area is used by the doctors, and those that give massages.

After the tour I had to stop at the gift store, there were a few things I need hahah, but I won’t say what they are because they are gift for people :).


After getting on the bus, we headed back to hotel to get ready for the flamenco show that night. A Flamenco show is a form of Spanish folk music and dance from the region of Andalusia in southern Spain. It includes singing, guitar playing, and dance, which is the vocalizations and rhythmic sounds of handclapping and finger snapping.


I found myself staring at the stage constantly while they were performing their show. The only down side was when they would sing, we couldn’t understand what they were saying. We felt as if we were missing such a huge piece of the show. The dancing alone was great though!

I must say I enjoyed the show quite a bit, and the food hit the spot as well. It was a nice way to end our time in Barcelona.


I am getting pretty tired of packing over and over again. It became hard to keep track of everything and making sure that our suitcase are the right weight. When we go to Lisbon tomorrow, we have to make sure that our suitcase carryon is less than 22 pounds and that our regular suitcase in under 50 pounds. After this trip, I will be a master at packing!  



Hasta la proxima!!




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