5 Days till I leave for Spain!!!

May 06, 2015  •  4 Comments

Hola!! As some of you may know I will be traveling to Spain and Portugal on May 11 and will be returning home on May 23.

This past semester I took an International Media Class and we explored the various aspects of the Spanish and Portugese Media. In addition we also talked about the professions from the perspectives of advertising/public relations, broadcasting, print, digital media and photojournalism/photography. 

When I heard about this opportunity to take this class and travel abroad for two weeks I turned to my roommate to get her opinion, and to my surprise she said she was interested as well!! For those of you that do not know, my roommate, Ashley, and I have been rooming together since freshmen year. We have now become best friends! So we both went to the informational meeting, we got back to our room after and we looked at each other and said " When will we ever be able to do something like this again" and if we were doing this trip, we were going to do it together!

So here I am! Five days before I leave for Spain! My nerves are starting to kick in, but so is the excitement! 

We will be departing Monday afternoon around 3:30 pm from Pittsburgh Airport and landing around 5:00 pm in Philadelphia, from Philadelphia, we will depart at 6:45 pm and head to Madrid, we will arrive in Madrid around 8:30 am Tuesday morning. For those of you that do not know, Spain is six hours ahead of those in Pittsburgh, therefore when we land it will be 2:30 am here in the states! Hello jet lag!! 

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for flying or packing?! 

I will be so gracious for any feedback! I have never done anything like this before, therefore I do not know what to expect hahah! 

I will be blogging every day and even some of the days leading up to the trip, so be sure to check back everyday! Tell your friends, tell you family!! 

**BONUS** There will be tons of pictures being posted! I am a photographer, of course I am going to take tons of photos! :)


Keep me and my classmates in your prayers these next few weeks! 


Hasta la proxima!!

(Until next time!!)





Aunt Rhonda(non-registered)
Prays to you and your group for safe travels, Emily. You're going to love it. I traveled to Spain on a high-school trip!
Aunt Jo(non-registered)
Enjoy your trip and stay safe. I was in Madrid-it's beautiful! Take it all in - Love You.
Deb Olbert(non-registered)
Will look forward to reading your blog...Have so much fun :-*
Debbie Whitfield(non-registered)
Have a great time!! Looking forward to the pictures. We will certainly be praying for you.

Love you!!
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